Rector's letters

August 2016 - Pressing Invitation

September 09, 2016
Fr. le Roux earnestly invites one and all to attend the inauguration of the new seminary in Dillwyn, VA on November 4th, 2016.  An occasion such as the opening of a new seminary is a key opportunity for Catholics to refresh their faith. That is why he hopes a substantial number of faithful will come for this ceremony. 

July 2016 - Last Summer in Winona

September 07, 2016
This month Rev. Fr. Iscara describes the seminary's work of preparation for the move to Virginia. The equipment of the entire seminary was packaged and stored in large metal containers, where it will await the move, while priests, brothers, and seminarians packed their own belongings and began to live out of their suitcases.  Please pray for a successful move!

June 2016 - By Way of Farewell

September 07, 2016
The last ordinations in Winona was a truly momentous occasion with a record number of priests (90) and of faithful attending (3,300).  The events of the weekend and presence of priests and faithful combined to create an atmosphere of charity.   

May 2016 - Come, Take Up Your Burden and Follow Me

June 10, 2016
In this letter, Father expains the upcoming plans for the move to Virginia, recent construction updates, and the summer apostolate of the seminarians.

April 2016 - At the School of the Holy Ghost

April 30, 2016
In this letter, Fr. le Roux speaks on the Holy Ghost's role in our lives and the means to attain holiness.

March 2016 -“I am only a bishop of the CC"

April 30, 2016
Fr. le Roux praises Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre for his fidelity to the Church and notes the Archbishop's combat against the errors of the post-conciliar Church.

February 2016 - The Words of a Bishop

February 27, 2016
This month Fr. le Roux, Seminary rector, passes on the sermon of H.E. Bp. Fellay, which he delivered on Sexagesima Sunday, January 31st at the Seminary. In his sermon Bp. Fellay considers three points which the Church presents to us from the liturgy of Sexagesima:  Noah and the flood (the Breviary); the parable in which Our Lord explains how God spreads the seeds of grace in souls (the Gospel); and what can happen to the man who accepts grace, using the example of St. Paul (the Epistle). The Church's invitation is "to correct ourselves, to straighten out our lives, [and] to work hard in acquiring virtue - in other words, to become better."

January 2016 - Oh Lord, Grant Us Priests!

January 23, 2016
This month, we are challenged to reflect on the crisis of vocations and the need for holy priests. Because of the noise of the world, its enticements, and the attacks of the devil, aspiring men really have to exercise quasi-heroic virtue in order to persevere. The appeal is for prayer for present and future vocations.

December 2015 - The Crib and Noises of War

December 21, 2015
Despite our world’s attempts at promises of peace, we live in a time of constant war and noise. Our Lord chose the tranquility of a stable in the countryside for his entrance into the world. Let us follow the example of Our Lady and St. Joseph, enter into the silence of the manger scene, and adore the newborn King.

November 2015 - To be on time for the Meeting

December 15, 2015
The seminary rector asks us to reflect on the final meeting because it is the most important one. Man takes great care to be on time for every meeting between now and the final meeting, and it is very easy to overlook the importance of preparing for it. Man may have been late to other meetings or may even have missed some. However, this is one which man cannot take off his calendar. His attendance is mandatory, and he will not be late.