Bulletin for November 19 to December 3

Sunday Nov 26 Last Sunday after Pentecost II 7:20
Monday Nov 27 Feria IV 7:15
Tuesday Nov 28 Feria IV 7:15
Wednesday Nov 29 Dedication of the Cathedral of Richmond I 6:50
Thursday Nov 30 St. Andrew II 6:50
Friday Dec 1 Feria (First Fri.) IV 6:50
Saturday Dec 2 St. Bibiana (First Sat.) III 6:50
Sunday Dec 3 First Sunday of Advent I 7:20

Tuesday,November 28:                                                                                                6:50 pm I Solemn Vespers

Wednesday, November 29: Dedication of the Cathedral of Richmond                                    

6:50 am Solemn Mass

6:30 pm II Solemn Vespers

Thursday, November 30: St. Andrew

6:50 am Sung Mass of St. Andrew

Friday, December 1: First Friday

6:50 am Sung Mass of  the Sacred Heart

6:30 pm Holy Hour

Saturday, December 2: First Saturday

6:50 am Sung Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  (confessions during Mass)

6:50 pm I Vespers followed by all night Adoration



Dedication of the Richmond Cathedral - Wednesday, November 29, is the anniversary of the Dedication of the Richmond Cathedral and therefore a first-class feast in the diocese. I Solemn Vespers will be at 6:50pm on Tuesday, November 28th. There will be a Solemn Mass on Wednesday at 6:50 am, with II Solemn Vespers at 6:30 pm.

All night Adoration - In preparation for the New Liturgical Year, all night adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be held the night of the 2nd of December (beginning after Vespers) through the morning of December 3rd, ending with Benediction at 6:30am.

Eucharistic Crusade - the Eucharistic Crusade is being started in our parish!  The first meeting will be on December 9, from 2-4pm.  The Sisters will conduct the activities for girls ages 6-14.  Seminarians will conduct the activities for boys ages 6-14.  Registration forms will be available in the vestibule on Sunday Nov. 19 and should be returned by Sunday Nov. 26 to the vestibule.

Confessions - Fr. MacPherson will be hearing confessions on 1st Saturday (Dec. 2) during Mass.

 I Vespers - During Advent, there will be I Vespers of Sunday. Please see bulletin for times.