What if I think that I may have a vocation?

It is extremely difficult to discern a vocation in the midst of the distractions and bustle of everyday life. A man needs silence, prayer, and reflection if he really wants to find out what God wants him to do. If you are attracted to the priesthood or the religious life and think that you have a vocation, take the following steps, remembering that your salvation might depend on your answering God's call:

1) Talk to a priest of the Society of St. Pius X. He can advise you on the direction you ought to take. Here is a list of chapels in the USA; or find the SSPX District that is closest to you at this site.

2) Go on an Ignatian retreat. God speaks in silence. A retreat is a highly structured spiritual program based around silence, prayer, and discernment. With the help of experienced preachers and spiritual advisors, you will be able to see what God asks from you and to order your life.

3) Visit the Seminary. Coming to the Seminary and speaking to the professors and seminarians will give you a fuller understanding of seminary life and the Catholic priesthood. For making an appointment, contact the Seminary's Guest Department.

4) Read the article that Fr. Barrielle wrote on the discernment of a vocation. Fr. Barrielle was chosen by Archbishop Lefebvre as the spiritual director of the seminary in Écône.