When is a good time to visit the Seminary?

For those interested in pursuing a vocation, the best time to visit is when classes are in session, i.e. from the middle of October until the middle of June, excluding the two weeks following Christmas and Easter. If possible, a prospective seminarian should visit for a week in order to get a well-rounded view of seminary life.

For those who are not visiting to discern a vocation, the ideal times to visit are at the various ordinations that take place during the year:

1) Reception of the cassock and the Clerical Tonsure – February 2

2) Reception of the Minor Orders and the Subdiaconate – fifteen days before Easter

3) Ordination to the Diaconate and the Priesthood – the Friday that falls between June 18 and June 24

You can call the seminary for more specific information. Click here for our contact information.