Mass Times at the Seminary

For more information on Rosary, Benediction, Vespers etc. please see the most recent weekly Chapel Bulletin

Academic Schedule


  7:20   AM

  Low Mass


  10:00 AM

  High Mass


  7:15   AM

  Low Mass



When Holy Days of Obligation occur during the week, an evening Low Mass at 7:30PM is available in addition to the 7:20AM and 10:00AM morning Masses. 




Please drive around to the entrance of the Seminary building and park in the lower parking lot on the right 100 yards away from the building. The higher parking lot is reserved for the handicapped and the elderly.

Pastoral care

Fr. Paul Vassal handles concerns regarding the faithful. You may contact him by e-mail ([email protected]) or by regular mail. He is available for any priestly work (e.g., sacraments, house blessings, sick calls, catechism for adults and children, and spiritual advice). For sacramental emergencies please call 434 5057007.