Toward Easter: Day by Day


Arranged by Fr. Patrick Troadec, SSPX



Lent is the great yearly retreat of the Church Herself, intended for the renewal of our hearts; along with Eastertide, it is the richest period of the whole liturgical year. 

This little book therefore offers you for every day of Lent a meditation taken from the Gospel and from the other texts of the Mass.  It also contains prayers, thoughts, resolutions, and suggestions meant to help us to center our lives back on Christ. Easy to read, with a simple vocabulary accessible to any reader, here is a manual of the Christian life particularly adapted to families but also to homes without children and to unmarried persons wishing to draw nearer to Christ our Savior and the Virgin Mary. 

These pages were written for anyone who has a thirst for truth and for love. They echo the words of Christ to the Samaritan woman: If you knew the gift of God!

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