upcoming SSPX events

Priest retrreat in St-Césaire

Year of spirituality retreat

Retreat for subdeacons and deacons

Priestly ordinations

Summer Vacation

Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Immaculate Conception

Engagements in the SSPX

Summer Apostolate

Priest's Retreat

SSPX Brothers taking and renewing vows - 2013

Pilgrimage to Lourdes (Theologians)

Ordination of Fr. Ngaruro in Kenya

Immaculate Conception - Engagements in the Society

Schedule Change this Weekend

Candlemas - Taking of the Cassock

Priest Meeting

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

Tonsure and ordination to Minor Orders

Ordination to Subdiaconate

Easter vacation for the Seminary

Conference: Bishop Fellay at New Seminary Site

Last Hike of the Year

10-Day Retreat for the Spiritualities

Ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate 2014

Two new Brother Novices

First Mass at STAS: Rev. Fr. Jamey Rigi, SSPX

Renewal and first engagements in the SSPX

Candlemass - Taking of the cassock and tonsure

Priests' Meeting - USA District

Perpetual Adoration at STAS

Ordinations to Minor Orders

Ordination to the Subdiaconate

Good Shepherd Sunday 2015: Phoenix, AZ

Major Exams for Spirituality

Year-End Excursion

Ordinands' Retreat

30th Anniversary Mass of Fr. Brandler

Ordinations to the Priesthood & Diaconate

First Masses at STAS!

Priests' Retreat

Seminary participates in Consecration of Church

Ordination to the Subdiaconate

Brotherhood Retreat

Entrance into the novitiate of the Brotherhood

First profession and renewal of solemn vows

Entrance of the new seminarians in the Humanities

Humanities Retreat

Ordinations to the Diaconate

Engagements with the SSPX

March for Life with the SSPX

Candlemas - Taking of the cassock and tonsure

Subdiaconate retreat

Minor Orders (2015-16)

Ordination to the Subdiaconate (2015-16)

Seminary Visit to Post Falls, ID

10-day retreat for Spirituality class

Ordinations to the Diaconate and Priesthood

Seminarians return for 2016-17 academic year

Brothers' Retreat

Goodbye Winona, Here we come Dillwyn

Blessing of the cemetery

Blessing of the new Seminary in Virginia

Beginning of the academic year 2016-17 retreat

Pre-seminarians and postulants' retreat

Engagements in the SSPX

Open House at STAS

Opening Retreat

Entrance into the Brothers' Novitiate

First Profession and Renewal of Vows

Pilgrimage to Quito & Mexico

Christmas Break

Candlemas - Taking of the cassock and tonsure

Ordination to the Subdiaconate (2017-18)

Ordinands' Retreat

Priestly Ordinations 2018

Conference by Rev. Fr. David Pagliarani

30 Day Ignatian Retreat

Brothers' Profession of Vows

Minor Ordinations

Seminarians Return for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Reception of the Cassock Recollection

Our Lady of Victory - Reception of the Cassock

Pre-Advent All Night Adoration

Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Engagements in the SSPX

Christmas Excursion

Tonsure Recollection

Candlemass: Reception of the Tonsure

Ordination to the Subdiaconate

Subdiaconate Ordinations Dec 8th

Ordinations to Diaconate

Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary Open House

First Day of Classes

Entrance of Humanities

Humanities Retreat

Feast of All Saints

Feast of All Souls

First Engagements to the FSSPX

First Semester Minor Exams

First Semester Major Exams

The Nativity of Our Lord

Feast of the Epiphany

Epiphany Vacation

Cassock and Tonsure Recollection

Classes Resume for Second Semester

Subdiaconate Retreat

Minor Orders Retreat

Ordination to the Minor Orders and Perpetual Engagements

Ordination to the Subdiaconate

Resurrection of the Lord

Easter Vacation

10-day retreat for Spirituality Class

Good Shepherd Sunday 2023

End of the Year Excursion

Feast of Corpus Christi

Ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate on June 16, 2023