Entrance into the novitiate of the Brotherhood

September 28, 2015
Winona, MN

The program leading towards the Brotherhood is pleased to announce that the following men, having completed the year of postulancy, will enter their novitiate year and will receive the habit in a Solemn High Mass to be celebrated on this day:

Mr. John Alladin Mr. Jackson Deans
Mr. Peter Gorman Mr. Patrick Keenan

Today's schedule of liturgies will be as follows. The faithful are invited to attend.

Low Mass 7:30 AM
Solemn Mass
Ceremony of Oblation of Novices
9:30 AM
Solemn First Vespers
Feast of St. Michael the Archangel - 1st class

6:50 PM

Please pray for the above-mentioned candidates, especially for their perseverance in this vocation, because the work of the houses of the SSPX would be tremendously difficult without them.