First Day of Classes

September 06, 2022
St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

Their minds refreshed from summer recreation, seminarians begin their first day of classes with enthusiasm for a new year's curriculum.  Seven years comprise the extent of the seminarian's academic and moral training.  

The incoming class of spirituality commence their studies on the spiritual life.  The year of spirituality is often referred to as a "year-long retreat" because they are meant not only to learn information for their minds, but to practice it with their hearts.  

Philosophy students take two years to delve into the timeless treasures of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas in order to acquire necessary tools for understanding theology in their coming seminary years.  

The last three years, dedicated to the study of theology, make up the most pertinent knowledge which the future priests will need for their pastoral duties, like confessing sins and preaching.  To read more about seminary studies, see the links below.