Info: Vocation to the Brotherhood

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

The soul of a religious brother is the soul of a man eager to consecrate his life in a very special way to God.

Vocation to the Brotherhood

The soul of a religious brother is the soul of a man eager to consecrate his life in a very special way to God. Though not called to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a priest, the religious vocation is in no way to be despised. By taking the three vows of religion: poverty, chastity, and obedience, a brother abandons everything to embrace a life whose sole purpose is union with God.

The Religious Vows

The vows of religion have been recommended by Our Lord in the Gospel, and are the surest path to sanctity. Through them a generous soul is stripped of all stain and every obstacle to union with Christ.

Poverty: By this vow, the religious abandons all earthly goods, which distract him from his goal.

Chastity: The brother renounces the legitimate joys of married life for something higher: love for Christ and His Church, completely unhindered by the cares involved with a life in the world.

Obedience: This vow strikes at the root of what men hold most precious: their will. He who is truly determined must abandon this too into the hands of God by submitting to the commands and judgments of human superiors who represent Him. This is the most difficult, and thus the most meritorious act of the religious, for it will encompass every aspect of the rest of his life.

The Brothers of the Society of Saint Pius X

Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of Saint Pius X to ensure the continuation of the Catholic priesthood. The brothers of the Society are meant to do everything in their power to assist the priest in his apostolic labors. They can help in all sorts of things like cooking, gardening, sacristy, accounting and secretarial work; anything that might make easier the priest’s task of saving souls.

Behind their every activity the brothers will always keep in mind the salvation of their souls and those of others through the loving exercise of the vows.

How to Become a Brother

The SSPX brothers’ novitiate in the United States is housed in St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota. In order to become a brother, an applicant should have no impediments, such as outstanding debts or the primary care of a family. The application must be made to the District House, along with a letter of recommendation from a priest of the Society.

The photo shows brothers of the Society in the United States after the Mass in Winona, MN. During this Mass the new brothers took their first vows, while others renewed their vows. This joyful happening takes place at the Society's seminary in Winona, MN, at the feast of St. Michael's.