Lourdes update

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

For a number of years now, seminarians and priests of the Seminary have been accompanying faithful on pilgrimages to Lourdes. The journey always begins in some other part of Europe, and en route to its final destination, visits shrines and other hallowed places which still stand today as remnants of a once profoundly Catholic culture. Young and old alike have joined us from many different countries, but the handicapped and elderly are always especially encouraged to join since seminarians are always there to give a helping hand.

This year however, due to the possibility of a move to Virginia in the near future, the seminary will not be organizing a pilgrimage to Lourdes for 2015. But if you are interested in joining us at a later date, keep your eye on our website!

Feel free to watch the picture slideshow from last year’s pilgrimage, located in the top right corner.