New book offer — True or False Pope?

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

STAS Editions is happy to offer a new book by John Salza and Robert Siscoe.

"A comprehensive and definitive refutation, firmly grounded in ecclesiology, has been sorely needed. We thus pray that True or False Pope? finds its way to many Catholics of good will. Mr. Salza and Mr. Siscoe's book will surely afford much clarity to the reader."
- Foreword by Bishop Bernard Fellay

True or False Pope?  is the most thoroughly researched, detailed, and systematic refutation of sedevacantism that exists. John Salza and Robert Siscoe present material from popes, ecumenical councils, and doctors of the Church never to be found on sedevacantist websites.

Quoting directly from today’s leading sedevacantist proponents, Salza and Siscoe reveal how they have distorted the teachings of their favorite popes and theologians, especially St. Robert Bellarmine.

The book also reveals the many unfortunate tactics used in an effort to “prove” an indefensible case.

No matter what one’s perspective on the crisis in the Church be, one will conclude after reading this book that sedevacantism is hardly a solution to the present crisis.

True or False Pope? is on sale now for $35 and will be shipped in mid-January. As a special offer, you can purchase True or False Pope?  for $40 and also get a copy of our Puer Natus Est album while supplies last.