Pray for our priests at the Priests Meeting

Source: District of the USA

UPDATED ON 2-18-2016: See the photo gallery of the hockey tournament!

On the occasion of the Priests Meeting, we humbly request your prayers and financial support for our priests in the USA District.

The 2016 Priests Meeting for the SSPX's United States District is currently taking place at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, MN. The meeting began on Monday and will conclude on Friday and is being attended by the majority of the Society's priests in the United States, as well as priests from Canada and even priest-friends (that is, non-SSPX).

This annual event—started by Fr. Francois Laisney when he was the USA District Superior (1984-1990)—is a chance for the priests of the district to reunite in the supernaturally-charged atmosphere of the seminary, while benefitting from the various conferences on topics ranging from practical administration, to theological concepts, to dealing with the problems of modern society.

Another eagerly-awaited tradition of the Priests Meeting that will be preoccupying the minds of many of the visiting priests (and resident seminaries) is the famous Priests vs. Seminarians Hockey Tournament.
Update: Score 8/4, see the gallery of pictures below.

Please pray for the sanctification of all of the priests attending the meeting in Winona and consider joining our special program, In Partnership with Priests.