Priest Meeting

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

The priests of the United States District meet for one week at the seminary. The combination of study and community life strenghten the unity.

Within a few hours, the seminary is already filled like a beehive and double its usual occupancy. With great generosity, the seminarians have vacated their rooms for 80 visiting priests while trying to find a place in a classroom, library or the seminary's nether regions.

Following together the schedule of prayers, meals and recreational periods, priests and seminarians get to know each other. Lectures are delivered with times for reflection and discussion; periods of rest and visits also fill the day. On Wednesday, the customary (and anxiously-awaited) hockey game will take place, for which a trophy can be earned.

On Friday, with renewed enthusiasm and courage, the priests will fly back to their missions and chapels having been able to taste again "quam bonum et jucundum habitare fratres in unum"!