Reparation for Satanic Ritual

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

This weekend, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary will send a delegation of seven seminarians and one professor to Oklahoma City to participate in a protest and act of reparation sponsored by the Society of St. Pius X's United States District.


A satanic group plans to hold a ritual in Oklahoma City’s Civic Center Music Hall on Sunday, September 21. The group had planned to offer a true Black Mass, but the archdiocese of Oklahoma City intervened by filing a lawsuit, forcing the Satanists to return the sacred Host. Although the Host has been returned, a satanic ritual using ordinary bread is still planned as an act of public blasphemy.


A Solemn High Mass will be offered by the Seminary professor assisted by priests of the U.S. District in the Sheraton Hotel, downtown Oklahoma City at 11:00 AM, eight hours before the ritual is scheduled to begin. Seminarians will serve the Mass after which will follow a rosary march to the Civic Center, publicly protesting the public blasphemy.


With these supernatural means, the U.S. District hopes not merely to make satisfaction for this crime against religion, but even to prevent the satanic ritual from taking place, if it please God to grant that. This little pilgrimage represents the petitions of the whole Seminary, and it looks to the faithful of the U.S. District to support the endeavor with their own prayer and sacrifice, that the kingdom of Christ may be extended, and that of Satan repressed.