Novena - Minor Orders & Subdiaconate

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(Novena, March 23rd - March 31st)

On Friday, March 31st, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary will witness the ordinations to the Minor Orders of Porter, Lector, Exorcist, and Acolyte, and on Saturday, April 1st, the Seminary will witness the ordinations to the Major Order of Subdiaconate.

For these important steps to be made in the formation of a priest, we ask you to join us in prayer. The following novena to the Holy Ghost will be prayed by the seminary community every evening before Compline.

  1. Come Creator Spirit, visit the souls of Thy people, fill with grace from on high the hearts which Thou hast created.

  2. Thou Who art called the Comforter, gift of the most high God, living fountain, fire, love and unction of souls.

  3. Sevenfold in Thy gifts, finger of the Father’s right hand, Thou promised truly by the Father, giving speech to tongues.

  4. Inflame our senses with Thy light, pour Thy love into our hearts, strengthen our weak bodies with lasting power.

  5. Drive far away the enemy, grant peace at all times: so under Thy guidance may we avoid all evil.

  6. Grant us by Thee to know the Father and to know the Son, and Thee, Spirit of both, may we always believe.

  7. To God the Father be glory, to the Son Who rose from the dead and to the Comforter, for all ages.