November 2007 - Christ the King

After His Resurrection, Our Lord sent His Apostles on their mission: "Go, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." There is no ambiguity in these words: religion cannot be restricted to the purely private domain.

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

After His Resurrection, Our Lord sent His Apostles on their mission: "Go, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." There is no ambiguity in these words: religion cannot be restricted to the purely private domain.

Many think that it is good for the government and the laws to remain neutral regarding religion, allowing it to develop without interference or obstacles from the State. Some even dare to say that such official neutrality is the most desirable status for the Church. But as Leo XIII declared in his encyclical "Longinqua oceani," such an opinion is erroneous.

Even more, it is treason against Our Lord and His kingship. To pretend that Christ should not exercise in civil matters His double rights of Creator and Redeemer amounts to nothing other than the denial of His divine nature and His universal kingship.

In spite of all our claims to independence, man is a dependent being. His life in society is not an accident or a free choice. From the moment of his creation, man is by nature a social being. Life in society is not a question of preference, but a vital necessity for us. Thus, at the same time that God created man, He created society. And society, as all of God's creatures must reader to its Creator the homage that is due to Him. In consequence, civil society - that is, the State - has the grave obligation to seek the true religion, in order to let its citizens adore God through Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church. The State, as a moral entity, must render worship to God. It cannot be neutral. No creature can assert its independence regarding the Creator, and if we were to allow it for one creature, what would stop us from claiming it for all creatures? The State is also a creature, and such a claim to independence is truly a blasphemy against God.

Let us briefly consider the dramatic consequences of civil society's neutrality towards God.

A country that claims to be neutral, that does not, as a country, render to God the adoration that it should, destroys its Relationship with its Creator. It is like a man who refuses to adore God. That man is objectively in the state of mortal sin, and thus, none of his actions is pleasing to God, none of them merits eternal life.

The same happens with a society that adopts the Liberal principle of the separation between the State and God. That society is in the state of mortal sin and does not receive the blessings of God. It merits to be justly punished. While a man will receive the full, just punishment for his crimes in the afterlife, societies receive it here on earth. Our Lady in Fatima told the little shepherds that many countries would be wiped out from the face of the earth because they were not giving her divine Son the honor legitimately due to Him.

Moreover, a state's policy of neutrality precludes it from aiding the Church. The Catholic Church, Mother and Teacher of Truth, does not receive from the State the assistance that she has the right to expect to spread her divine teachings. She is treated as an association like any other, or even reduced to the level of a sect or false religion.

This neutrality favors the spread of errors. Errors which came into contact with other errors draw from this contact a new strength to fight against the Truth. And Truth must be protected from any error, because Truth is tainted by such contacts.

This necessary protection of Truth is not a weakness, but rather a sign of its authenticity. Gold loses its purity and value when mixed with base metals. If a healthy man wants to remain healthy, he must protect himself against illness, avoiding any contact with the germs that carry disease. In a similar manner, to survive, Truth must be exempt from any contact with error.

Thus, the indifference of the State in regard to religion is an error – it is a formidable weapon to destroy the Catholic faith and to favor Error in its many guises. What do men become in such a situation? They no longer receive the light of Truth, and thus, they err, walk blindly and get lost. Pius XII was right when he said that the salvation or damnation of many frequently depends on the civil constitution of a country.

It is so because if the country itself is Catholic all its laws would lead man to adore and honor God, to praise and serve Him. In a Catholic country, the observance of the Sunday would give everyone the possibility of adoring God without obstacles. The civil laws would oppose abortion, the depravity of morals and fashions - and the same civil laws would forbid divorce arid favor the unity of families.

The neutrality of the State, that is, the indifference of a nation regarding God and His Christ, is an extremely grave fault, the most serious of all because it is the root of all the others The doctrine that divinizes human liberty, turning man into a kind of god, is called Liberalism. Demanding and imposing the religious neutrality of States, Liberalism leads souls to Hell. The surest way to lead a soul to its damnation is to let it live in a society without God.

There is no more pernicious error than Liberalism. We must reject and hate it, with all our forces, because it leads us and our children on the path to Hell. Let us wake up! We are at war! We do not have the right to let ourselves be corrupted, intellectually and practically, by these frightful liberal errors whose effects we daily see around us. Why do you think that so many souls cannot find the way to the Truth today? Why are there so many crimes? Why so much vulgarity? Why are so many souls damned in spite of their good intentions? Why? Why? Why?

Because Our Lord does not reign. Because man has become as a god. Because we have inherited this monstrous liberal culture that pretends that the State should not kneel before its God.

It is an ignoble crime, an unspeakable sin. We must not accept it, we must not resign ourselves to see God so badly treated by His creatures, we must not remain silent. We must proclaim, loudly and clearly, the kingship o£ Christ over the nations of the earth.

It is exactly because we proclaim this kingship that we meet with so many difficulties. That is the true reason for the sanctions against the SSPX. It was not because he continued saying the Mass in Latin that Archbishop Lefebvre had to struggle against so much opposition and was condemned. No. The hatred against him arose from his strong affirmation of the inalienable rights of Christ to reign over families and countries, as well as over individuals. Archbishop Lefebvre was condemned because he vigorously opposed the Conciliar declaration on religious liberty, by which modernist Rome accepted that Our Lord no longer reigned over societies. He was condemned by those who should have defended and congratulated him! - a sad proof that Roman authorities do the work of the enemies of Our Lord...

What we have said is sadly proven also by the present Roman policy regarding the faithful who want to have the Tridentine Mass. Rome accepts them on condition of their consent not to publicly proclaim the Kingship of Christ. What a misery! Rome, the indefectible custodian of Truth, beacon of intelligences and mistress of hearts, cradle of Christendom, is today eaten away by the terrible evil of Liberalism. Pius IX saw this clearly when he declared to a group of pilgrims that Catholic Liberalism was the most dangerous evil, "a true plague" in his own words. We live in a time of plague.

What should we do?

We must proclaim loudly and clearly the kingship of Christ. We must, as St. Paul teaches, "bring all minds into the service of Christ," beginning with our own. We must learn the doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ from our priests, in order to be able to oppose its Liberal detractors. Let us not deceive ourselves: we ourselves are also tainted by this Liberal virus, if not in doctrine, then at least on a practical level. The proof is that we usually judge the realities around us from a naturalistic viewpoint - that is, according to criteria of natural goodness - but not according to supernatural Truth. Our first and most pressing duty is to enroll in this crusade, to engage ourselves personally in this battle for the social reign of Our Lord, so that our countries learn to recognize in Our Lord the God to whom they owe homage. Otherwise, vain is our claim to be Catholics. Today Our Lord is disowned, His kingship insulted. Today we hear again the ignoble cry repeated for two millennia: "We do not want Him to reign over us. Crucify Him. "

We want Him to reign over us. We want Him to reign over our institutions. We want Him to reign over our country, because we know, as the great anti-liberal Popes knew, that he who does not hate error is not a faithful servant of Christ and he is unworthy of being called a Christian.

Allow me to quote you a passage from Cardinal Pie, the Doctor of the Social Kingship of Christ: "You think that your conscience is in peace, you think that you are still orthodox because you firmly believe in the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ, and that that alone suffices to constitute Christianity... Do not fool yourselves, you are not above reproach in your faith if you are of those who, while offering incense to Jesus, refuse to add gold to their offering, that is, if you refuse to acknowledge and proclaim His social Kingship."

May Our Lady, Queen of our hearts, of our families and countries, grant us the grace of always being faithful witnesses of the Social Kingship of Our Lord, remaining loyally at His side in spite of the misery of the times in which we live. We will be despised and persecuted because of this fidelity. Standing at the foot of the Cross, at the side of Our Good Mother of Heaven, we will not be intimidated by these attacks, because we know that Christ reigns from the Cross and that it is an honor for us to share in His abandonment.

May Our Lady keep us unwaveringly firm in this hope, confident that Our Lord shall reign in spite of His enemies, as He promised to St. Margaret-Mary.

Let us hasten this blessed hour of His reign by our filial devotion to Mary, our Queen, particularly by the daily recitation of the family Rosary.

In Christo sacerdote et Maria

Fr. Yves le Roux