November 2018 - A Savior Is Given Unto You

It was on a quiet night in Bethlehem that God’s Word was spoken two thousand years ago and His Word continues to echo throughout the world for those who have ears to hear. His coming was announced by an angelic host to shepherds watching their flocks by night, whose response was to quickly rise and journey to Bethlehem to adore the Infant Savior. Will we spend this preperatory season swept up in the cacophony of consumerism, comfort, and end of the year celebrations? Or will we rush to the Bethlehem of our souls to prepare a place for the Messiah?

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Can one imagine a more joyous announcement than that of the angels to the shepherds on Christmas night?

When the earth lay in darkness and men, Adam’s worthy heirs, wandered without Master and without Guide, the surprising news of the arrival of a Savior finally gave hope to souls.

The shepherds acted correctly. Despite the darkness of the night and their tiredness, they rose without hesitation. With light hearts, they promptly answered the angelic invitation and adored the Child lying in the manger, watched over by His Mother.

More than two thousand years have since passed: in our turn, are we ready to drag ourselves out of our usual torpor?

Nothing is less certain.

The question of a Savior who brings salvation to men is today obsolete. Choked by a consumerism that speaks to us only about profits and comfort, we enjoy each day’s pleasures without thinking of tomorrow, especially without thinking of eternity.

Hindered by this quasi-morbid search for our own well-being, we are far from having the interior freedom of the shepherds. Incapable of being moved by the announcement of our Savior’s birth, our shriveled souls do not open to hope and, instead, they languish.

But God does not get tired. His call still resounds in the night and splits the darkness of our time.

Will we be able finally to hear those salvific words from which we must learn to hope again? Will we go to the crib to offer there the homage of our poverty? Will we adore in silence He who comes to give His Life in order to give again meaning to ours?

The Advent liturgy indefatigably repeats the message of the angels: A Savior is given to you. Let us favorably receive this invitation. Let us drag ourselves away from our mortal torpor and go to Bethlehem. There the Savior awaits us and wishes to give us again the appreciation of sacred things in the light of eternity.

Thus, let us not neglect this liturgical season of Advent, so short but so rich. Christ addresses Himself to each of our souls so that we may rise and leave the shadows of death.

May God grant us the grace of finding the way to the crib where, meeting the Child and His Mother, we will enter the path of eternity.

Then hope will shine again in our confused world.

In Christo Sacerdote et Maria.

Fr. Yves le Roux




A further word from the Rector…

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       Fr. Yves le Roux