The Rector's Letter in French

10/13 - The Devil's Strategy

October 22, 2013 At the end of a stressful day, the cries of the little child are unmistakable. He is exhausted. One of his parents approaches and picks him up. The child finds in his parent’s arms the repose that he was seeking in vain and the smile that lights up his face shows his happiness. His tiredness goes away. In the shadow of this guardian power, he can now fall asleep. He is at peace. read more

09/13 - Has the World Become Insane?

October 22, 2013 Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison. Such are the first invocations in all the litanies listed in our prayer books. But to them we often add a litany of our own composition, that is, our complaints and laments, which constitute as many invectives against the world in which we live, as if Providence had played us a dirty trick by making us live at such a time, as if we should not be the salt of the earth, as if we did not have anything to offer to this confused world. read more

05/13 - From Bitter Criticism to Deadly Suspicion

October 22, 2013 Although sometimes we try to protect ourselves, pretending not to be concerned by events (“all this will not last long...”), we are still worried: everything is going badly! The world is insane! Injustices, wars, calamities! Indeed, they exist, but what does the Gospel affirm? “You will hear of wars and of rumors of wars. It will not be, however, the end (...) Lift up your heads, because your deliverance is near”. So let us avoid fear and despair and focus on a more immediate concern... read more

08/13 - Twenty new seminarians

October 14, 2013 About twenty young men are knocking at the Seminary door and will be here, God willing, the first Saturday of October. We recommend them to your prayers, as it is not unusual that the devil tries to dissuade them during the summer. read more

04/13 - Movements from the deep

May 18, 2013 Agitated by movements from the deep, sometimes the surface of the earth is torn violently, provoking many tragedies and striking spirits. After the understandable emotions aroused by these geological disasters, scientists analyze them and, based on their knowledge of seismic laws, attempt to protect the populations at risk. read more

03/13 - A man of mission

May 18, 2013 With assured and peaceful step, a discreet man goes his way and nobody notices him. It is true that in him there is nothing outstanding to attract glances. He is not a man of empty activity or flashy appearances. He is a man of mission. read more

02/13 - The tomato and its stake

March 23, 2013 A tomato seedling cannot give fruit if it is not supported by a stake. Without that support, it is likely to rot on the ground and to lose its fruits. It is curious to see how much we resemble a tomato seedling… Like that seedling, we need a stable support. Otherwise, we risk curling up on ourselves, drying up and rotting without giving any fruit. Indeed, since original sin, we manifest an annoying inclination towards low things, taking pleasure in them, rather than elevating ourselves to correspond faithfully to our vocation of free men, of enlightened and dedicated servants of the truth that we know and love. read more

12/12 - Lessons of the crib

March 23, 2013 Christmas approaches, Christmas is near. Hope is reborn in our weary hearts. Many signs show it: in a few days we will have again the joy of celebrating Christmas and of forgetting our discouragements and sorrows. This is a time of truce. We will rediscover our child-like hearts, filled with wonder at the sight of the Child-God; we will sing our wonder in ancient melodies that defy fashions and time. God is among us, as one of us. Who would dare to be against us? A profound joy, an inalienable hope. read more

10/12 - Some News and New Arrivals

March 23, 2013 At the end of too long a silence, we would like to inform you of some events that have marked the Seminary’s life these last months so that, sharing in our joys, you may also share our concerns which, we hasten to say, do not weaken at all our hope; quite the contrary! read more

09/12 - A good vacation

March 23, 2013 Man is wont to abandon, with a remarkable ease, what is essential, clinging to extravagant dreams that fade into nothing. Is there a greater madness than this quasi-unexplainable thirst for strong pleasures, for self-seeking? As if life had no other goal and reason than to flatter ourselves. And the world in which we live supports admirably well this illusion of happiness. Away from any effort, avoiding any sacrifice, we precipitate ourselves into the transitory, into the day that swiftly passes away, forgetful of what is eternal and remains. read more


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