Rector's letters

July 2006 - "Stop Looking at Yourself!"

July 01, 2006
"Stop looking at yourself!" Such is the judicious advice that St Augustine gives us. Indeed, a man who looks at himself always betrays a secret and unhealthy complacency regarding himself. If he abandons himself to this pernicious failing, he is slowly poisoned and contracts an incurable disease, a spiritual leukemia that drains the living forces of his soul and leads him to death.

June 2006 - Joy through Faith

June 01, 2006
"What should we say to men?" wondered Antoine de Saint Exupéry, as he suffered to see his contemporaries deceived by the fallacious promises of hedonism. It is, indeed, quite difficult to speak to those men who, believing that happiness can be reduced to pleasure, turn the latter into the only reason for their existence. Blinded, they are unable to realize that pleasure is only a means used by our sensitive nature to help us in the pursuit of happiness. Thus, if we seek pleasure for itself, become satisfied with what it gives us, and remain there, we introduce a deadly confusion between end and means. This confusion rapidly provokes a radical incapacity to think and to will.

May 2006 - The Dangers of "Positive Thinking"

May 01, 2006
Man tries to confront the difficulties of life by listening to the sirens' voices that announce better days to come or by defending illusory humanitarian ideals. He consoles himself by thinking that man is good, because Rousseau said so and because this dark nonsense has become the new creed of our century! Faith, hope and charity - today lost - are now replaced by the revolutionary doctrines of Rousseau, by optimism and humanitarianism. The Revolution itself is, in fact, a religious matter, despite those who want to see in it only a secularistic notion of human life. This new religion finds its most adequate expression in the concept of "positive thinking."

April 2006 - Courtesy, The Flower of Charity

April 01, 2006
Today's arrogant sloppiness represents the last stage of a progression in which man, intoxicated by a shameless freedom, shows in broad daylight his turpitude and makes it weigh heavily on others. This indecent display is translated into an instinctive loathing of politeness, which is instantaneously and radically put aside, as is proven by the contempt commonly shown for any external sign of courtesy.

March 2006 - A Question of Interpretation

March 01, 2006
Having been, as young Fr. Ratzinger, the talented expert of Cardinal Frings during Vatican II, Benedict XVI may be rightly considered as one of the key architects of this Council. The address to the Roman Curia, delivered by the Holy Father on December 22, 2005, gives us an authorized interpretation of the Council, forty years after its closing.

February 2006 - To Hell, by Little Steps

February 01, 2006
Satan has only one goal: to tarnish the glory of God by damning souls. Untiring, he pursues his savage and blind hatred of man. He is busy going after his ends by subjugating our hearts through the portrayal of attractive scenes that seduce them all too easily. The devil takes care to disguise himself and is thus able to spy on us at his leisure. He knows our weaknesses better than anybody else and his experience in this combat enables him to provide very seductive temptations, thus deceiving souls that hardly suspect that, behind the seduction of the moment, hides a most obstinate adversary.

January 2006 - Let Us Not Forget Benjamin!

January 01, 2006
Released from our sins by sacramental absolution and ready for new combats, we leave the confessional in peace. But, alas, very soon we fall again into our habitual faults. The devil, always lying in wait, tries to discourage us, so that we give up the practice of confession under the fallacious pretext that it is useless – aren't our relapses the evident proof ? However, we cannot doubt either the efficacy of the sacrament or our upright intention when, filled with contusion for having dared to oppose the Divine Majesty, we accused ourselves before the tribunal of God without making excuses, determined not to offend Him again in the future.

December 2005 - Progress - A Mirage

December 01, 2005
As another year comes to an end, we reflect upon the passage of time, the succession of events, the multiplicity of changes in our lives and our world. Year follows year, historical cycle follows historical cycle, but one reality always endures: the total opposition between the Christian spirit and the spirit of the world. Affirmed by Christ Himself, stressed by Saint Paul and taught by Saint Augustine, this opposition is not lessened by time. On the contrary, time accelerates and accentuates it.

November 2005 - Credidimus Caritati

November 01, 2005
Credidimus Caritati – We have believed in Love. The episcopal motto chosen by Archbishop Lefebvre describes him perfectly. He was, indeed, a man of profound faith, a lively faith that established him in God, in that center of love that is the Holy Trinity. Credidimus Caritati, we have believed in the love of God for us and our whole life carries its seal. We believe that the love of God nailed Our Lord Jesus Christ upon the infamous gibbet of the Cross, so that His death could repair the divine honor, ridiculed by the sins of men. We believe that the Divine Love used this instrument of torture to conquer and reign. Finally, we believe that the love of God expects that we seek to establish the reign of Christ in individuals, families and societies, by tirelessly preaching Jesus and Jesus crucified.

October 2005 - The Lieutenant of Christ

October 01, 2005
The City of Man, carefully built by the devil, does not offer to the soul any opportunity to recuperate its forces, nor to look forward with anticipation or enthusiasm. On the contrary, the visibly triumphant hedonism of our days anesthetizes the soul with its deadly poisons, taking away the visible traces of the divine Presence. But this Presence remains a reality that cannot be erased by all the sniggering demons of Hell, as it is based on the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ: "I will be with you. I will not leave you orphaned."