Rector's letters

October 2007 - The Supreme Necessity of...

October 01, 2007
The entire will of Christ resides in His purpose of fully adhering to the will of His Father. He glories in this union: "My will is to do that of He Who has sent Me; and for this the Father loves Me ". In His agony, He abandons Himself to the army rabble: "Father, not My will but Yours be done".

September 2007 - Modernistic Rats

September 01, 2007
Truth cannot grow old. The years follow one another, men die, and all things pass, but only Truth remains, unspoiled, intact. Fruit of the intrinsic relation existing between intelligence and reality, Truth escapes indeed the frailty of events and of men. Even better, Truth transcends it by attaining the very being of things. What is true one day cannot become false the following day. Truth also keeps intact its power of attraction. As our intelligence naturally aspires to understand the world that surrounds us, it cannot be satisfied for long with the fables it is fed. Only Truth satisfies the intelligence.

August 2007 - The Essential Keystone

August 01, 2007
The beauty of the churches built in the ages of faith remains one of the glories of Holy Mother Church. Centuries passed and left their mark in them, but, to the surprise of the profane, they have not lost their majesty. We know why: our churches are not only marvelous stone buildings, but they are, above all, the consecrated sanctuaries where the Divine Lamb renews His eternal sacrifice. Their beauty is not that which is common to human works. Built for the offering of the Divine Victim, they belong to the domain of the sacred and, although damaged, still they are impervious to the irrevocable insult of time.

July 2007 - Little Monsters

July 01, 2007
"The child is king!" An old slogan has become reality; in fact, quite a sad reality. The child has not become king, in spite of all the promises, but only a base tyrant concerned with satisfying his whims. His parents play the unenviable role of puppets; and woe to them if they hesitate even a little in satisfying the least desire of their little darling! They risk cruel reprisals that they will not easily forget. A first salvo is immediately shot in the form of piercing cries and abrupt gestures... the life of these poor parents is like the beginning of hell, with its cries and gnashing of teeth!

June 2007 - Man Must Love

June 01, 2007
Could a man deprived of love be only an unspeakable monster? In a felicitous phrase, Antoine de Saint-Exupery invites us to consider that love is above all "to look together in the same direction," and not "to look at one another." This simple, commonsense reflection forcefully underlines the fact that love is, before anything else, a union of wills and not an exhausting and sterile search for ourselves in the face of the other. Few know it; and infinitely fewer live it!

May 2007 - A Call to Combat

May 01, 2007
So that you do not let yourselves be contaminated by the noxious environment prevalent in these times of darkness when innumerable iniquities cry out for justice be¬fore the throne of God, we would like to invite you to stand up and fight. "Very well" - you will say - "but against whom and where? " Saint Paul magnificently answered these questions by clearly pointing out the adversary: "Do we have to fight against human potentates? Do you have to battle against flesh and blood? No. Our enemy is Satan, the Prince of this world, and his de¬mons spread out in the high places. "

April 2007 - Easter Sunday

April 01, 2007
Who will sing the singular charm of Easter morning, when the countryside finally wakes up from the long torpor of winter, and the sun shines with renewed strength? It seems, indeed, that nature itself shares in the joy that fills our hearts and sings the alleluia of the Resurrection. On this unique morning all is again possible: no force can oppose Christ, Victor over death. In vain, evil men weave their infamous intentions in the shadows. Their iniquitous projects lie demolished and their heinous plans have fallen away as the stone that had covered the tomb; their ridiculous efforts only make the victory of the Savior more resplendent.

March 2007 - Artificial Adolescence

March 01, 2007
Have we gone back to the prehistoric age? The insolent success of modern art leads us to ask this question - a question that appears somewhat strange and certainly insulting in the eyes of our contemporaries! Fascinated by technical advances and the comfort which they generate, many readily consider that we have arrived at a golden age of mankind. We do not subscribe to this judgment. It seems to us more correct to maintain that our century, constantly oscillating between a marked infantilism and an unsuitable arrogance, has returned to adolescence, embracing all the excesses of that age.

February 2007 - Crisis of Authority

February 01, 2007
Impregnated by the lessons of Rousseau, man is proud to have founded the religion of modernity upon equality. Never was human pride more wrongly placed. Equality is a lure, or rather a trap, favored by jealous hearts at pains to find the least trace of it in nature. But today nobody contemplates nature to draw from it lessons for life. Egalitarianism can calmly continue releasing its poisons and completing its wretched work of destruction of all authority. Undermined by this mortal egalitarian illusion, society is slowly dying.

January 2007 - Spiritual Narcissism

January 01, 2007
Our secret indulgence regarding ourselves is truly a poison that surreptitiously con¬taminates us and leads us to the doors of death. Like Narcissus, we like to contemplate ourselves in the reflection of our own excellence, which exerts on us a fascination without equal. This strange contemplation of our qualities leads us to fall into a subtle complafcency that pollutes our purest acts and sterilizes our good desires.