Rector's letters

September 2015 - I Want to See God

October 24, 2015
The rector reflects on St. Teresa of Avila and her strong commitment to the phrase:  I want to see God. Taking as a model the perseverance which this great saint had throughout her life's work and trials, we are reminded that the driving force behind our efforts should be:  I want to see God. Too often the world puts other desires in souls. On this 500th anniversary of her birth, we are reminded that our first and foremost desire should be inspired by the example of St. Teresa. Otherwise, we would not remember that our earthly life is only a passage, because our final end is to be with our God for whom we were made.

August 2015 - Fair Promises, Miracle of Grace

September 13, 2015
This month the rector focuses on the incoming "humanities" class which will begin its pre-seminary year in October 2015. In his anticipation of the entering class, Fr. le Roux reflects on the grace which must undoubtedly be active in the response to the call which a man makes when he decides to enter the seminary. In addition, he focuses on the battle for souls which is waged between the devil and the future seminarian and priest.    

July 2015 - Rumors about Winona

September 13, 2015
In this month's newsletter, the rector seeks to dismiss any rumors about the future of the Winona Seminary, issue an invitation to what will be - God willing - the final ordinations in Winona, and prioritize a list of three important fundraising efforts to improve the current building prior to the move to Virginia.

June 2015 - All that is Excessive is Insignificant

September 08, 2015
In this month's newsletter, the rector reflects on excessiveness, disproportion, their roots, and a proper understanding of love.

May 2015 - Eternal Teenagers

May 19, 2015
Dear Friends and Benefactors,

April 2015 - The Devil and His Yo-Yo

May 16, 2015
Dear Friends and Benefactors,

March 2015 - Ave, O Crux, Spes Unica

April 04, 2015
Dear Friends and Benefactors,

February 2015 - Deadly Criticism

March 10, 2015
February 28, 2015 Dear Friends and Benefactors,

January 2015 - If Your Eye Is Simple

February 07, 2015
In the world, man orients himself and finds his way thanks to his eyes. The principal function of sight is not restricted to the material domain, but extends into the spiritual domain.

December 2014 - Bethlehem at the Crossroads

December 19, 2014
Dear Friends and Benefactors,