Rector's letters

January 2015 - If Your Eye Is Simple

February 07, 2015
In the world, man orients himself and finds his way thanks to his eyes. The principal function of sight is not restricted to the material domain, but extends into the spiritual domain.

December 2014 - Bethlehem at the Crossroads

December 19, 2014
Dear Friends and Benefactors,

November 2014 - To Serve God is to Reign

November 29, 2014
In this month's letter, the Rector reflects on the important role of the Brotherhood of the Society of St. Pius X as a true calling to the religious life. One should remember that the calling to the religious life is not only limited to the priesthood.

October 2014 - The Secret Man of God

October 31, 2014
In a book soon to be published, assembled by Rev. Fr. Patrick Troadec from the writings, conferences and sermons of our Founder, we will be able to discover what constituted the secret framework of the life and the action of this outstanding man. The Seminary's Academic year begins.

September 2014 - Gratitude

September 13, 2014
Thanks to your generous and prompt reply to our July letter, we were able to complete the various works and repairs which we had to undertake this summer at the Seminary.

August 2014 - Neither Head Nor Tail...

August 24, 2014
On how Gregory finds peace of soul again after all the turmoil around Bishop Fellay's (alleged) actions.

July 2014 - A Review of Small Events

August 24, 2014
Summer 2014: the seminarians are on apostolate and on vacation; the brothers stay at the seminary; and a plea to your generous will to help the seminary pay for new windows. And: find God in the mesh of small daily realities.

June 2014 - Suffering, the Container of Love

August 24, 2014
It is necessary to suffer to be holy. Confronted with this high requirement, man must take care not to deprive himself of this suffering by denying and rejecting its value and merits.

May 2014 - A Structure to Hold Us

August 24, 2014
The present time is precisely that in which these structures that protect and constitute man are collapsing. A slow process of decomposition of society is ongoing, reducing man – who is by nature a social being – to no more than one isolated individual, disabled, without any structure on which to rely, without any other resource that himself and, thus weakened, left at the mercy of anonymous powers.(...) God has already won. What can the demolishers of structures oppose against Him Who has Himself established them from all eternity?

April 2014 - Futility of the Guards at the Tomb

May 09, 2014
The stone was rolled into place, closing the tomb, well-guarded by two soldiers, while the apostles went into hiding, incredulous and trembling. (...) Didn’t we ourselves take the road to Emmaus a little too hastily? Isn’t it time to return to Our Lady and learn from her, so that our choices are not determined any more by appearances, and that only the theological virtues lead our steps?