Rector's letters

January 2014 - If You Knew The Gift Of God

April 19, 2014
Dear Friends and Benefactors, The Samaritan woman of the Gospel, who went to draw water from the well of Jacob was drowning in fleeting pleasures in an impossible search for happiness.

March 2014 - A Generous Balance

March 29, 2014
From Aristotle’s “rational animal” to Pascal’s “thinking reed”, all the definitions and descriptions of man underline the fact that his nature puts him at the cr

February 2014 - Neither God, Nor Master

March 01, 2014
This revolutionary bravado, a relic of the revolts that shook the western world at the end of the Sixties, for a long time dirtied the walls of our cities. Then, the graffiti disappeared.

December 2013 - The Way of Redemption

December 20, 2013
The Christ who incarnated Himself in Our Lady now wants to be incarnated in our lives. Like Saint Joseph and Our Lady we must walk along the roads of our earthly life, attentive to the presence of God, to His will. Our vocation is to remain amidst men, and yet as not being in it, because we are also led by a real but invisible Presence.

November 2013 - Subversion or Tradition?

December 07, 2013
Subversion is the weapon of Revolution. It works to bring down authority and fatherhood by presenting it as the enemy that wishes us harm or leads to our defeat. Following Satan, the first revolutionary, the Revolution is ultimately a rejection of God, a rejection of our sonship of God. The Revolution uses subversive methods to reject the divine fatherhood and all other paternal relationships that derive from it. Tradition acknowledges and worships God as Father. Tradition, consequently, recognizes authority as this divine paternity that guides and protects man. When the authority ceases to be faithful to its task, it is up to the defenders of Tradition to remind authority of its role and to do so even publicly. This respects the nature of authority while rejecting the secretive, anonymous and cowardly methods of the subversive. Between subversion and Tradition the opposition is absolute and Tradition would disappear if it suddenly were to accept the principle of subversion and become suspicious of any form of authority.

October 2013 - The Devil's Strategy

October 17, 2013
At the end of a stressful day, the cries of the little child are unmistakable. He is exhausted. One of his parents approaches and picks him up. The child finds in his parent’s arms the repose that he was seeking in vain and the smile that lights up his face shows his happiness. His tiredness goes away. In the shadow of this guardian power, he can now fall asleep. He is at peace.

September 2013 - Has the World Become Insane?

September 01, 2013
Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison. Such are the first invocations in all the litanies listed in our prayer books. But to them we often add a litany of our own composition, that is, our complaints and laments, which constitute as many invectives against the world in which we live, as if Providence had played us a dirty trick by making us live at such a time, as if we should not be the salt of the earth, as if we did not have anything to offer to this confused world.

August 2013 - Twenty New Seminarians

August 01, 2013
About twenty young men are knocking at the Seminary door and will be here, God willing, the first Saturday of October. We recommend them to your prayers, as it is not unusual that the devil tries to dissuade them during the summer.

May 2013 - From Bitter Criticism to Deadly...

May 01, 2013
Although sometimes we try to protect ourselves, pretending not to be concerned by events (“all this will not last long...”), we are still worried: everything is going badly! The world is insane! Injustices, wars, calamities! Indeed, they exist, but what does the Gospel affirm? “You will hear of wars and of rumors of wars. It will not be, however, the end (...) Lift up your heads, because your deliverance is near”. So let us avoid fear and despair and focus on a more immediate concern...

April 2013 - Movements from the deep

April 01, 2013
Agitated by movements from the deep, sometimes the surface of the earth is torn violently, provoking many tragedies and striking spirits. After the understandable emotions aroused by these geological disasters, scientists analyze them and, based on their knowledge of seismic laws, attempt to protect the populations at risk.