Rector's letters

January 2012 - Would the Democratic God become...

January 01, 2012
Powerful means of communication for some, destruction of any social life for others, the Internet does not leave anybody indifferent. Some praise it as being the only remaining force that allows men who are still free to fight against the despotism of a globalism that controls all the official sources of information. Others, on the contrary, disparage it as being a skillful machine of disinformation. The latter claim that, by exploiting the emotions caused by an excess of information, it prevents man from thinking and judging, thus reducing him to a disjointed puppet in the hands of hidden powers.  

December 2011 - Ite ad Joseph

December 01, 2011
Habituated to living according to the frantic rhythm of a disoriented world, we have lost the understanding of sacred things, which requires peace of soul and silence of heart. At best, we content ourselves with glancing over them with a distracted eye. How can we reconcile this superficial approach with the necessary contemplation of the birth of the Infant-God? It is just the opposite: the extreme simplicity that the divine spectacle of the creche offers us must help us to conquer the spiritual self-indulgence that ruins our souls.  

November 2011 - My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

November 01, 2011
Nevertheless, today fear can slip into our hearts. Watching the sorry spectacle offered us by the men of the Church, the vileness that often accompanies their actions, we can imagine that the hour of darkness has already covered the earth; that the Church, like her divine spouse, finds Herself crucified, in Her last agony, and about to show Her infinite love to God the Father in the most complete abandonment.

October 2011 - The Silent Persecution

October 01, 2011
At the beginning of October we will receive twenty new students. The total number will then exceed the symbolic figure of one hundred. We entrust all these young people to your prayers – though, to be honest, some of them are not so young! Without this assault of prayer perseveringly addressed to Heaven, our poor efforts could not bear fruit.

August 2011 - Education of the Heart

August 01, 2011
We must always be certain of the love of God for us. This love is not a utopia, but a reality which must be deeply impressed in our hearts. God is at the center of our souls and there He waits to converse as a friend with us. Let us go beyond our impressions and the illusions conjured up by our imagination. The tenderness of God transcends our senses; it resides in the most intimate part of our being, that which is not affected by our emotions.

June 2011 - Crisis of Paternity

June 02, 2011
The French Revolution attacked the Throne to destroy the Altar. Indeed, the devil knows very well that the supernatural must exist incarnated. And as the supernatural completely escapes his power, he manages to undermine what is natural, bringing down the supernatural as if it were a fragile house of cards.

May 2011 - What Should We Do?

May 02, 2011
What should we do…? Recollect ourselves. Concentrate on doing well whatever we do. Focus our will in spite of the demands of our passions. Learn how to live in the presence of God, not yielding to the inclinations of the passions, but according to virtue. Learn how to live according to a rule of conduct that directs, protects and produces fruits – a rule that leads us to joy, to a great joy that nothing and nobody can take away from us.

April 2011 - Path to Victory

April 02, 2011
The Christian sings his victory, won through Christ and the virtue of His Most Precious Blood. Even when he seems to have failed in the eyes of men, he rises up even stronger. Failures do not render sterile the progress of his soul, but rather engrave in it the Cross and give him an understanding of the mystery of the love of God incarnated in humble souls.

March 2011 - Assisi? A Hope!

March 01, 2011
“I do not know this Man!” The die is cast, the denial is complete. With forceful imprecations and oaths, St. Peter repudiated his Master. The voice of a maidservant and the sarcastic remarks of those who surrounded him were enough to overcome the still too human love that Peter had for Jesus. Three times he renewed his repudiation, and when he finally met the eyes of Christ, his blood ran cold. Far away, the cock crowed. Peter remembered then the words of his Master, and went away, crying bitterly, repentant and converted.

January 2011 - Euphoria without future or...

January 01, 2011
To be accustomed to evil is even more terrible than evil itself; such a habit leaves us indifferent, unmoved by the sad spectacle of a multitude of people abandoning themselves to their basest instincts. Thus overcome by a mortal torpor, we become unable to react with indignation at the attacks regularly perpetrated against the honor of God. Our shameful silence reveals the lethargy of our souls, insidiously led into an infamous complicity.