Rector's letters

December 2010 - Veni Domine et Noli Tardare

December 01, 2010
How could our souls fail to be elevated by the liturgical texts of this season of Advent, so beautiful and so full of hope? The musical melodies so particular to this time of expectation have, moreover, the gift of appeasing our souls by inviting them to raise their desires beyond the purely natural realities to beseech the Savior, our divine Bridegroom, the only object of our most noble yearnings, to come without delay.

November 2010 - As Migratory Birds...

November 01, 2010
When the migratory birds flutter excitedly against the blue depths of a spring sky, their return inspiring in us thoughts of other, distant skies, or suddenly depart, prompted by the fading light of the autumn sun and the first assaults of the winter chills, those birds – beautiful as they are – are simply following their instincts.

October 2010 - Aristotle for Our Times

October 01, 2010
In many of his writings, Aristotle lucidly explains that man is a rational and social animal. The animal side of our nature is so obviously – and strongly! – present in our lives that there is no need to linger on it. The facts speak by themselves and that’s enough for our purpose.

September 2010 - Consecrated, Let Us Live as Such!

September 01, 2010
Man is a creature of habits – he is able to act thanks to the habits he has acquired. This is the reason why we must be concerned with the acquisition of good habits in order to live virtuously, because we know, by daily experience, how difficult it is to acquire virtue and how easy it is, under empty pretexts, to fall into vice.

August 2010 - Difference of Morals

August 01, 2010
Modernity is characterized by a rupture between morals and life. The reason is simple: modern morality is a morality of obligation that is not based upon reality. It is a simple practical result - and although it is of Protestant origin, it has now spread to the four corners of the world.

July 2010 - “Noblesse Oblige”

July 01, 2010
We must approach nobility with respect and defend it against all the caricatures which try to ridicule it, leading souls into a disastrous illusion. As it happens with all higher truths, nobility is subjected to a campaign of denigration so that, making of it a universal object of contempt, nobody would be encouraged to make the effort of abandoning his own turpitude and trying to rise to the heights where this truth invites him to be. Moreover, as this vile attempt is not enough and, in spite of everything, the truth still stands, the satanic cunning consists in creating an illusion so close to reality that it deceives the intelligence. Let us repeat it: there is nothing more harmful than an illusion. This mockery deeply vitiates the intelligence, making it believe that it is nourished by the truth. In fact, these illusions do nothing but inoculate a deadly poison, because error is never as frightening as when it disguises itself under the appearances of truth.

June 2010 - Nobility - a Demanding, Beautiful...

June 01, 2010
God, Holy Mother Church and our Country – let us keep in our souls these high affections as the leading lights that will guide us in life, allowing us to be faithful to Christian nobility, which constitutes the most sacred part of our heritage.

May 2010 - To Be or Not to Be?

May 01, 2010
Words are not enough; rather, we should be wary of their bewitching and numbing charm. It is not enough to talk. It is still necessary to do, to incarnate our words into actions. To be satisfied with talking is tantamount to being content with being an upstart, to belong to a strange caste of people, an ill-assorted mixture of men who pretend to be above their station and of men who have degraded themselves without knowing it. To nourish ourselves with words and to be thus satisfied, isn’t this to praise ourselves for what we have while forgetting who we really are, to prefer the vanity of having to the richness of being?

March 2010 - Under the Gaze of Christ

March 01, 2010
This letter, written in mid-March, will be the only one that you will receive from us for these months of March and April. It should reach you while we are plunged into the unutterable mystery of Holy Week, when the liturgy invites us to penetrate again into the indescribable mystery of the Love of Christ for His Father. A mystery stressed by Christ when, moments before being arrested by the henchmen led by Judas, He clearly reiterated to His apostles His will to procure, by means of His death and resurrection, the glory of His Father and the salvation of souls. Death and Resurrection which, far from being contradictory as we unconsciously perceive them to be because of the weakness of our intelligence, are both the manifestation of the one and same mystery of Charity.

February 2010 - Return to Christ

February 01, 2010
Do we, Catholic souls, know where our true happiness lies? Don't we doubt it from time to time? Aren't we too negligent when compared with the love of God for us, this ocean of divine love?