Retreat testimonials

We offer some testimonials from those who have attended the Ignatian Exercises offered at the SSPX's retreat centers.

In October I was privileged to attend a retreat. The good priests who preached the retreat did so with great fervor and religious insight.  I still recall their lessons and, as a result of their devoted efforts, still read and meditate on the materials provided during the retreat.

It was a fabulously tremendous experience for me and my wife who took the retreat two months before me. We just loved it, Fr. Harber recommended we go there and we thank him for it to this day. When we got back home we have been recommending it very highly as being something every person needs to do. The conferences, the prayers, Mass, spiritual guidance. It was all just amazing. I can NOT say enough good things about it. Thank you so so so much. May God reward you for the wonderful work you do. We will definitely be going back there.

With God's grace (I am thankful to the SSPX as an instrument of God) that thankfully I have kept my resolutions and continue to pray and examine my conscience daily against my predominant fault. 

Retreats are the only way to truly prepare yourself to live for God. I realized I was not Catholic until I knew what a Catholic was, and for me that did not happen until I went on my first retreat. I thought living a life for God was only for the professed Religious. Character is made through trials and God chastises those He loves.

I loved the retreat and wanted to stay forever! Although the days were at times challenging, the sacrifice was so worth it. Many of the truths that were discussed I was aware of as a child but had forgotten or minimalized them in the last 50 years. I was not living my faith.

My first retreat this year at Los Gatos was eye opening for me. It felt like a conversion, even though I've been Catholic my whole life. By the end of the retreat everything was in perspective: my salvation is the most important thing, and I should have it in mind in whatever I do.