Rev. Fr. Michael Brown

Fr. Brown is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  When he was three years' old, his family settled in St. Mary’s, Kansas.  Father attended both St. Mary’s Academy and St. Mary’s College before entering the Seminary.

At his First Holy Communion, Fr. Brown began to consider a vocation.  Advised by the parish priest to ask Our Lord for any grace he wanted, he asked to become a priest.  He grew in this desire, not only through frequent contact with priests, but also by serving at the altar—and at St. Mary’s he could always find ceremonies to serve.  He attended Ordinations at the Seminary a few times, but the decisive moment came during an Ignatian retreat which he followed while attending college.  He decided to offer his life to God as a priest of the Society.  Three years later, his older sister followed him, joining the Sisters of the SSPX.

Father emphasizes that, at the Seminary, he received a formation that re-oriented his life.  He discovered that, although he had received a good Catholic education, he was still affected by the world’s spirit.  The Seminary brought home to him that, if God is the source and goal of everything, and if we depend entirely on Him, then our self-centeredness must disappear.  Only then can we orient our life around God.  This is the spirit of adoration, and the spirit of the liturgy, in which we unite with Christ adoring and giving glory to His Father.  It is not something that we can learn or acquire by our own efforts; it is a spirit that we must receive—and this requires humility, docility, and generosity.