Rev. Fr. Stephen Reid

Fr. Reid was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the younger of two children.  His family, never staying still for long, moved successively to Canada, then back to Arizona, then to North Carolina, and finally again to Arizona.

It was in Raleigh, North Carolina that Father and his family began to attend the Traditional Mass.  Fr. Reid remembers a striking incident there.  The priest was preaching a sermon on vocations; he turned suddenly to the servers (among whom was the future Fr. Reid) and told them that, since the Church needs priests, they needed to “step up.”  Sometime later, when an art workshop was offered at the Seminary, Father attended.  Contrary to his initial fears, he enjoyed the experience immensely, and the idea of a vocation began to seem like a real possibility.  Fr. Reid spent his last two years of high school at Notre Dame de La Salette Boys’ Academy.  He attributes his perseverance at the Seminary to the disciplined formation he received at La Salette.  It was there that he made the decision to pursue his vocation.

Looking back on his seven years at the Seminary, Father marvels at the great gifts which seminarians receive.  “You don’t realize it until after it is over, but the way you think has completely changed.  Fr. le Roux’s spiritual conferences really show you the way things truly are.”  Foremost among the notions that Fr. le Roux inculcates is the concept of Fatherhood, or the passing on of what has been received.  “The key is openness, docility, willingness to be formed; if you are willing to hear and receive what someone else has to teach you, then you yourself can receive the gift of Fatherhood and be a Father to others.”