Role of the brothers

What is the role of the brothers in the Priestly Society of St. Pius X?

First and foremost, Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of St. Pius X in order to ensure the continuation of the Catholic priesthood in these troubling, modern times. The brothers of the Society are, therefore, meant to come to the aid of the priests in all their duties, facilitating their apostolic task. According to the Statutes of the Society, brothers are to relieve the priests of material jobs (for example, handling finances, gardening, cooking, upkeep of buildings, secretarial work, etc.) as well as participate more directly in the apostolate by directing a choir, teaching catechism, working in the sacristy, teaching in primary schools, and other related tasks vital to the priestly ministry.

These are the temporal functions of a brother in the Society, but governing these daily activities, Archbishop Lefebvre established the following primary spiritual goal which must govern the brother’s life:

The Brothers, consecrating themselves to God in the religious life, have as their primary goal and purpose the glory of God, their own sanctification, and the salvation of souls. Since their entire life and all their actions are offered to God through Our Lord, especially at the holy altar, they must strive to understand the profoundly supernatural nature of this life, whatever their exterior activity may be. May they find in this conviction and in this reality, more heavenly than earthly, their unchangeable joy, their unceasing consolation, their steadfast serenity. May they avoid looking for any other solution to their desire for perfection.

Whatever his temporal function may be, the brother is above all a consecrated soul and, in the words of the Archbishop, must be a “guardian angel of the community,” always manifesting his profoundly religious spirit through silence, union with God, fraternal charity, and zeal to serve others while never neglecting the service of God.