Ordinations to the Minor Orders and Subdiaconate 2020

Source: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

On the morning of Saturday, April 18, H. E. Bp. Bernard Fellay celebrated the annual Ordination Mass of the four Minor Orders and the Subdiaconate.

On Easter Saturday, commonly called Sabbato in Albis, Bp. Fellay ordained 13 seminarians to the Minor Orders, three to the Orders of Porter and Lector and 10 to the orders of Exorcist and Acolyte. Four seminarians took the decisive step into major orders by receiving the Subdiaconate.

The Porter is charged with guarding and caring for the church and the Lector with catechesis. The Exorcist has been given the power of binding Satan and expelling demons in the name of Christ. The Acolyte takes a step nearer to the altar in his participation in the Holy Sacrifice and is specially called to carry the light of Christ to the faithful by his teaching and example.

Those who receive the Subdiaconate make their perpetual and irrevocable gift of self to God and His Church. The step, which is taken in their rite of ordination, symbolizes their complete and total renunciation of all that is not Christ and their resolve to partake in nothing but what concerns Him. The Subdeacon steps away, forever, from the things of the world and pledges himself exclusively to Christ and His Spotless Bride, the Church. With this voluntary surrender, the Subdeacon is bound to a life of perfect chastity and the daily recitation of the Divine Office, uniting his own prayer to the prayer of the entire Mystical Body. The Subdeacon also ascends the steps of the altar where he directly assists the Deacon at Mass and pours into the chalice the drop of water during the Offertory.

Prior to conferring orders, Bishop Fellay reminded the ordinands:

These steps which the Church gives, these seven steps towards the ordination of the priesthood should remind us of the majesty of this calling. The infinite majesty of God and of the Holy Sacrifice demands this reverence, this preparation, step by step towards the altar.

Amid this uncertain time, let us give thanks to God for His many gifts, but especially the gift of priestly vocations.


We will have a video of the Ordinations soon.